4 Sneaky Ways Water Can Damage Your Roofing

The roof on your Bentonville business or commercial building is the only barrier protecting against what Mother Nature brings from one season to the next. Unfortunately even the best roofing can start to deteriorate over time after being exposed to hail, rain, lightening, ice, and wind. As that happens you might start to see some of the signs of water damage. Major leaks are usually pretty obvious, but there are also some sneaky ways that water can get under your roofing and cause problems. Here’s how you can find those potentially dangerous leaks.

Check the Roofing Regularly

There is really no substitute for regular roof inspections by a Bentonville roofing contractor. These professionals can check your shingles for the telltale signs of aging and damage, such as granule loss, hail damage, or torn commercial roofing materials. You may be able to get up on the roof to inspect for major damage, but it often takes the eye of a professional to check the entire structure at least once or twice a year to find the more subtle signs.

Flashing Leaks

Flashing is metal placed around protrusions in your Bentonville roofing, and it’s designed to prevent leaks around what are often the most vulnerable parts of your roof. As it rusts and becomes damaged water can begin to sneak in and often can go unnoticed for quite a while. During that time it’s causing daily damage that could eventually require a whole new roof if not properly addressed.

Water Drainage

The water drainage system might not seem like an integral part of your Bentonville roofing, but it plays a critical role in protecting it. Clean, clear drainage channels help keep off your roofing, while clogged gutters cause water buildup. Over time that extra water either sits and pools on the roof and causes damage, or could overflow onto walkways or pool around the building’s foundation, both of which are dangerous.

Moisture Buildup

Unless you have a dedicated maintenance or facilities department, most business owners don’t get up on the roof very often, but if you don’t make it a habit to check the roofing you won’t see the standing water and moisture that builds up. Over time this excess moisture will foster mold and mildew growth, which is harmful to your roofing structure and materials. Have a professional commercial roofing contractor make recommendations for improving drainage if this is happening.

Contact a Bentonville roofing contractor if you suspect that you might have a leak, as it’s always better to get it checked out and repaired early before it becomes a significant problem.

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