4 Trends for Sustainable Commercial Roofing

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. When it comes to your Bentonville roofing it should be a goal that will help you cut costs and become more environmentally friendly as a business. If your commercial roofing is is need of an upgrade, here are a few trends in roofing that will boost your eco-friendly street cred.

Getting Certified

Most business owners have heard about LEED® certification, but today there are so many different companies looking for ways to boost sustainability—whether through commercial roofing in Bentonville, or some other building trend—that there is now an International Green Construction Code, as well as other rating systems that will help you gauge how “green” your building is—including Green Globes, Passiv Haus, and Earth Craft.


Even roofing materials that were previously thought of as not-so-earth-friendly, such as asphalt, have now become eligible for recycling in many states. Commercial roofing contractors in Bentonville can help you learn about which materials will be cleared for recycling once their useful life is over so you can make more sustainable decisions.

Cool Bentonville Commercial Roofing

One of the “hottest” trends in the industry today is the introduction of cool roofing for your commercial building. Companies can use lighter colors and special covers or treatments that prevent roofing materials from absorbing excess heat. Traditional roofing often absorbs a significant amount of sunlight that, in turn, heats up the entire building, requiring you to spend more on cooling costs. Cooler roofing materials prevent heat buildup and save money.

Solar Roofing

Since a commercial roof is generally a flat structure, it is prime real estate for installing solar panels. These panels can be a cost-effective way to lower your energy costs for the entire building. With the increased emphasis on solar it has become more and more affordable for companies of all sizes to consider this option.

If you are looking for ways to improve the functionality of your Bentonville commercial roofing, reduce costs in your building, and create a more eco-friendly environment, use these trends in roofing sustainability.

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