Cardinal Rules of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Every building owner and facility manager is concerned about the safety and longevity of your leased or owned commercial space, and if you are in this position, there are few things as important as creating a quality roofing maintenance plan. Here are the four cardinal rules you must follow to have the best roof in the business.

Rule #1: Always Be Proactive

If you leave your roof alone until there is a problem, in most cases it will cost you a lot more and be much more difficult to fix the problem than if you had addressed it proactively with regular inspections and small repairs along the way. Inspect your roof at least twice a year, or hire a Fayetteville, AR roofing contractor to inspect it for you.

Rule #2: Budget for Repairs and Replacement

Most businesses want to make money, and huge expenses like roof replacement can be a big hit to your annual budget if you’re not prepared. Instead, plan out annual roofing maintenance expenses, hire a roofer in Fayetteville, and create an estimated timeline for when you might need to replace the roof.

Rule #3: Use Technology Whenever Possible

Roofing might not seem like a high-tech industry, but there have been significant advances in roofing technology over the years, and implementing the latest technology can help you reduce costs, organize maintenance schedules, and get better productivity out of your facilities team. It can also help you identify conditions on your commercial roofing that might warrant repairs or indicate a failing roof that needs to be replaced—in some cases a visual inspection won’t be enough to spot these things.

Rule #4: Understand Your Roof’s Potential Risks and Costs

Every commercial roof is a little different, and if you didn’t hire the company that installed your Fayetteville roofing initially it’s important to know the potential risks that your building might face if the work was done poorly or the materials used were lower quality. In the future when you do need to replace the roof, weigh the costs of quality roofing materials and contractors against the potential risks that you might face with lower quality—in pretty much every case it will be beneficial to spend a little bit more to guarantee better quality.

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